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cultural landscape portal of Thuringia

Dear viewers,

in the following content of pages, there are work results compiled by the research group "Cultural Landscape of Thuringia" at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt. They are also giving an insight into current student projects in the field of "cultural landscape".

The interactive map to be selected on the website is produced in cooperation with the Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences and the Institute for Cultural Landscape Research e. V. (KLF) operated under the acronym KLEKs; it enables you to view mapped historical cultural landscape elements against the background of various current and historical map sheets, including satellite and orthophotos, online and also to enter your own objects independently (after registration). The website encourages active participation. We would be pleased if you would contribute to further qualified entries of historical cultural landscape elements.

The current topographic map (DTK25), the orthophotos and some of the historical measuring table sheets were kindly made available by the Thuringian State Office for Soil Management and Geoinformation (©ThLBG). Some of the historical measuring table sheets come from the digital map inventory of the University of Greifswald.

The cultural landscape portal of Thuringia is currently managed by Prof. Dr. H.-H. Meyer, Prof. Dr. habil. Ilke Marschall and Prof. Dr. Björn Machalett (Erfurt University of Applied Sciences).

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